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How a Shower Head Filter Can Protect Your Health

How a Shower Head Filter Can Protect Your Health

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What was the first thought that came into your mind when you heard about shower filters? Did you thought that people are getting too dramatic that they have to filter out the water coming out from the shower head? That would be what you’d think now, but after you’d learn how the water from the showers have more chemical contaminants compared to drinking water would change your mind.

Just take it this way – while you are scrubbing, exfoliating and cleansing bacteria and dirt of your body, they are just going back to you the moment the water from the shower head hits the skin of your body. This is because they are still laden with chemicals. All these means is for you to protect yourself against health hazards from harmful elements that your eyes cannot see with the use of a shower head filter.

If you are not still convinced, here are some benefits that will make you consider installing a shower head filter in your bathroom.

Bacteria that causes sickness populate in shower heads

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This may not have come to your mind while you were thinking about protecting the residents of your home while planning how you are going to “clean” or “disinfect” the entire house. There are evidences that show that even if you shower alone, you have other company inside, which are the millions of bacteria and microorganisms that are happily thriving inside the shower head, particularly the unfiltered ones. They are ready to go back and attack a host by going with the water as it sprays down to whoever they get attached to. This was according to the study lead by a professor in biology, Professor Norman Peace from the University of Colorado.

shower filter to remove Chlorine 

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Did you know that chlorinated water can get your skin to dry? It doesn’t mean to say that chlorinated water is that harmful. It is just that when you are exposed to it on a daily basis, don’t be too surprised why your skin feels very rough. And this is one of the reasons why the shower head filter is needed. It also affects the hair, too. If your skin gets dry, your hair gets dry, too. It will even irritate your scalp. The shower filters are able to restore the soft and glossy, youthful hair that you had when you were young. Not only that – you get to save money since you will no longer need any hot oil treatments, expensive conditioners or even a special trip to your salon.

Also, chlorinated water can speed up the process of aging. Chlorine byproducts can trigger the free radicals production in the body, which causes cell damage. They are also highly carcinogenic, too.

These are not the only things that you will learn from getting a shower head filter for your bathroom. You will learn more once you use them.